Our Vision

The vision of EverGreen Manufacturing and Innovative Habitats is the product of the life’s work of its two visionary founders, James Blakemore and Carey DePalma, each of which came to the conclusion that using repurposed shipping containers as structural components for housing and commercial structures made obvious sense. Between the two of them, Mr. Blakemore from his experience in building businesses and innovation in those businesses and Mr. DePalma from his experience in Real Estate and the manufacturing of modular and portable housing, they have crafted an innovative and imaginative company on the cutting edge of modular construction.

Their shared vision of building using recycled materials and “green” technologies brings EverGreen Manufacturing and Innovative Habitats to the forefront of using repurposed shipping containers and other recycled building products for modular building construction of permanent, semi-permanent and temporary structures of many types. Please explore our site, look at what we do, but most or all, call us and arrange to see in person what an actual shipping container home can really look like.

James Blakemore
James BlakemoreCEO
I have established a successful track record of assembling high-caliber management teams comprised of seasoned industry professionals to ensure sound strategic planning followed by timely execution. In addition, I have extensive leadership experience overseeing operations through the effective use of departmental managers. As a result of my experiences and over fifteen years of involvement in the Personal Development and Growth industries, I have developed the ability to inspire and mentor people to success and to help them to achieve outcomes well beyond what they originally believed possible.

I have lived all of my life in Midland, TX with some temporary assignments in San Antonio, TX and Salt Lake City, UT. I was very fortunate to grow up in a family of entrepreneurs that was VERY civic minded and learned at a young age the importance of supporting my community and charitable endeavors.

I attended grade school in Midland, and went on to Texas Military Institute and Trinity University in San Antonio, where I majored in Communications and Television & Film Production. While I was in college, I discovered with my first job that I had a near fatal allergy. I discovered that I was allergic to being told what to do and when to do it by someone else, sometimes called a boss. As a result of this discovery, I returned to Midland and embarked upon an extensive, 35-year entrepreneurial career starting or becoming involved as a principal and/or a key executive in a number of businesses covering a range of industries that include; oil & gas and ranching, environmental remediation, marketing, radio broadcasting, banking, mining and natural resources, photography, building materials, and intellectual property as well as real estate and other endeavors.

I spent twenty years as Chairman, President and CEO of Alta United Mines, Co. a historic Utah mining company with responsibility for all phases of corporate operations including governmental relations, economic and environmental impact, corporate relations with neighboring companies, negotiation of mining and mineral leases, and all phases of corporate development including maximizing the value of corporate assets. As a result of my involvement with that company, I was able to take a near worthless company and sell it for a seven figure price tag.

I also served as Vice-President & Corporate Director at Alpha Twenty-One Corporation, a closely held company involved in oil & gas exploration and development, minerals ownership, ranching operations. I was in involved in corporate development and internal operations, oversaw office management, budgeting and personnel. I was also involved in decision making with regards to corporate diversification and expansion.

I started and operated an environmental remediation company that used bioremediation technology to remediate petroleum spills, leaking underground storage tanks, and other hydrocarbon and VOC contaminated soil and water.

I am currently active in the Oil & Gas, Ranching and Real Estate businesses. I serve as Corporate Director at Primavera Resources in San Antonio, TX. I am Founder, President and CEO of Bedford Falls Development of Midland, TX, currently developing a $50MM, 33 acre mixed use real estate development consisting of single family, multi family, commercial and storage projects components. I am also Co-Founder, CEO and Manager of EverGreen Manufacturing, LLC, manufacturer of unique homes and other structures from repurposed shipping containers.

I am a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist and as such am actively engaged in multiple ID Theft Awareness Programs and speak frequently on the subject.

Along the way, as a member of our business community, I was a very active member of a number of civic and business organizations. I have also served on various charitable boards and committees and continue to support a wide variety of local charities including the Blakemore Planetarium, The Museum of the Southwest, The High Sky Children’s Ranch, Christmas in Action, Midland Community Theatre and many others. I am an avid photographer, love to read, listen to music, attend the theater, travel, and cruising. I love fine dining and love to cook. Ask me about my bar-b-que.

2012-Present  Owner, President & CEO of Blakemore and Associates – Closely held investment and operating company

2014-Present   Co-Founder, Manager & CEO of EverGreen Manufacturing, LLC

2008-Present   Owner, President & Director Bedford Falls Development, Inc.-Real Estate Development

1998-Present   Independent Contractor to LegalShield – Marketing, Recruiting & Training

1996-Present   Independent Oil & Gas Investor

1990-Present   Officer & Director at Primavera Resources-Ranching, Oil & Gas Investing

1980-2002       Chairman, President & CEO at Alta United Mines Co, Salt Lake City, UT

Silver Mining Claims Ownership & Exploration.

Had responsibility for all phases of corporate operations including Governmental Relations, Economic and Environmental Impact, Corporate Relations with neighboring companies, negotiation of mining and mineral leases, and all phases of Corporate Development including maximizing the value of corporate assets.

1986-1996       Chairman, President & CEO at Cottonwood Services, Inc, Environmental Remediation Services-Wholly owned subsidiary of Alta United Mines Co.

Had responsibility for all phases of corporate operations including procuring  business, bidding and overseeing environmental remediation projects.

1980-1984       Owner, Chairman & President at KRIG-AM Radio, Odessa, TX

1979-1996       Vice-President & Corporate Director at Alpha Twenty-One Corporation

Oil & Gas Exploration and Development, Minerals Ownership, Ranching Operations, Mining

In charge of corporate development and internal operations. Oversaw office management, budgeting and personnel. Involved in decision making with regards to corporate diversification.

1972-1977       Trinity University, San Antonio, TX – BA, Journalism, Broadcasting & Film

1969-1972       Texas Military Institute

Midland West Rotary Club, Business Network International, Midland Chamber of Commerce, Odessa Chamber of Commerce, Midland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Odessa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Midland Jaycees, Texas Jaycees.
Carey DePalma
Carey DePalmaCOO
After a 30 years career in real estate starting as a sales person to a commercial broker, owning a property management and development company, I started BlueWater Resorts to development properties in the recreational and camping industry. Our concept was to develop 8 to 10 lakeside camping resorts. Offering the Wilderness Cabin, a portable 400 Sq. Ft. one bedroom cabin (park models) of our design to families who wanted a get-a-way cabin, with the ability to move them to our other resort locations and ability to rent them out to local campers. With the millions of baby boomers retiring who grow up camping we found the baby boomers (Glappers), which are glorified campers loved camping but wanted all the amenities of home.

They wanted large flat screen TV’s, more bedrooms for grand kids, larger eat-in kitchens with full size appliances & furniture, washer/dyers and off grid, the list just kept getting longer. We couldn’t fit all the Glappers wants and needs into 400 Sq Ft. So we started to design a larger 640 Sq Ft, two bedroom and a 960 sq ft three bedroom cabin for both on and
off grid locations. And instead of traditional wood construction I started looking into recycling shipping containers for two reasons durability and cost savings.
One of Bluewater location was in Florida on property owned by the Seminole Indian tribe and once they saw all the benefits of steel construction they asked if we could design and manufacture affordable, sustainable on and off grid housing unit for its members. I designed a 1,460 sq ft, three bedroom, two bath home. Which could be on or off grid. The off grid
package included solar or wind power both with battery back-up and emergency propane generator, both fresh and grey water filtering systems and either incinerator or composting toilets.

Now working with several native American Indian tribes to not only develop housing floor plans to fit their needs and customs we are also designing senior housing units and tribal council office space even retail shopping units.
We are now working with the Veterans Administration to design and construct walk-in medical clinic’s, universities for dorm rooms and study halls, we are designing growing pods for year round vegetable production, 148 unit apartment complex outside of Chicago and a affordable housing project in Baltimore.
Recycled Shipping containers / Steel construction — Just a way to build with unlimited possibilities.