Unlimited Possibilities, Better Ways To Build:

Versatile Floorplans

The use of standard intermodal shipping containers allows EverGreen huge flexibility in designing its homes and commercial structures.
The flexibility of the “modular unit” allows us to design units that fit together and be assembled and disassembled, and to be moved from one place to another.
The fact that these are shipping containers, by their very nature, are designed to be transported, allows us to design “semi-permanent” houses and commercial structures that can be relocated at will.
Below are examples of floor plans that are currently under consideration by various clients.

Five Container Footprint

  • Elder Care
  • Affordable Housing
  • Semi-permanent/Permanent Multi-Unit Housing

Three Container Footprint

  • Semi-Permanent Workforce Housing
  • Semi-Permanent Workforce Housing
  • Semi-Permanent/Permanent Multi-Unit Efficiency Housing

Two Container Footprint

  • Campground Accommodations
  • Campground Accommodations
  • Wilderness/Back Country Accommodations

One Container Footprint

  • Basic Workforce Housing
  • Student Housing
  • 320 Square Foot “Tiny Home”